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I wanted a blog. Don’t ask me why, or what about, because honestly I don’t know. I have enough marketing experience to know that any successful blog needs to have focus…but I’m not focused yet, I’m still feeling my way around what interests me. So you get to hear about the tremendously exciting topics on my list…soapbox rants, recipes, tutorials, reviews…I don’t know that this going to evolve into, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?


About lovetwentysomething

I'm just another twenty-something learning how to live and love life!

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  1. Right! And soon enough it will have a mind of it’s own! Have a great weekend (I’m going to find a red pear to eat, pronto)!

    • You won’t regret it! I got some apple-pears from the supermarket to try this time. At first I said “why,” then I said “why not?” I passed the lobsters with a shudder. Then my stomach growled. I’m not sure midwestern lobster would be as tasty as your fresh-from-the-ocean variety!


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