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My Produce Obsession – Red Anjou Pears

Red Anjou Pear

You think you're seeing overexposure, but it's actually a light from heaven.

I love buying in-season fruits and vegetables, and fall is my favorite season, so naturally I’ve been getting a little giddy in the supermarket produce section. (Naturally? How punny am I?)

Anyway, I follow my mom’s advice and let my nose lead me to the best fruit (if you can smell the fruit without holding it up to your nose, it’s ripe and ready to eat). My nose led me to these Red Anjou Pears, and I’ve been stocking up (my stomach) with the delicious orbs of goodness ever since.

Just listen to this heavenly description by

“Sweet and succulent when ripe, red Anjou pears have a refreshingly sweet flavor and moist texture similar to their green counterparts. Their gorgeous maroon red skin adds a burst of color to salads, desserts, and entrees.”

I’ll give you a moment to gather yourself. (Is it getting hot in here?) 

Interestingly enough, up until this season, I have shunned pears in all forms. It’s one of those I-don’t-want-to-divulge-the-details-but-it-involves-canned-pears-and-the-stomach-flu stories that I don’t fancy sharing. Just suffice it to say that Red Anjou Pears (or any color, for that matter) have converted me, and I am now a believer in this succulent fruit from heaven.


Love, a pear-obsessed twenty something


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