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“So…When Are You Going to Pee on a Stick?”

“So…When Are You Going to Pee on a Stick?”

My husband made a prediction over two weeks ago that I was pregnant. Let me just say, we’re not trying to get pregnant (in fact, we’re taking precautionary measures to avoid parenthood for the time being), and I think his prediction is completely unfounded. He just “has a feeling.”

While I think he’ll most certainly be wrong, after weeks of getting questions from him (and now the friends I have told) about how the “little guy” is doing, I decided I had to prove him wrong as soon as possible.

So, I came home with an early pregnancy test. Out comes the husband’s nervous laughter—I suppose this makes his goofy prediction a little more “real.” As much as I don’t believe it’s true, (after all, he said this over two weeks ago and I’m just now approaching the time that I could even take the early pregnancy test—see, I told you…unfounded) I still have heard enough eerie stories about women whose husbands predicted pregnancies way before a test or any symptoms could show up. I also found out that while pregnancy at the beginning of a cycle is not the “norm,” it’s happened to quite a few women.

So it’s not impossible, per se, it’s just….it’s just unfounded! (What else can I say?)

I’ll probably take it the morning after next, since that’s well within the window the test claims to be accurate in. Then I can tell my husband to keep his mouth shut until I’m a little closer to test-taking time, because two weeks is too long to endure false statements about my child-bearing-ed-ness.

So, stay tuned, I guess…for the answer you know is coming (negative!).

Love, a comfortably non-pregnant twentysomething