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The Stick, Revisited

I know I left all of you hanging with the Pee on a Stick post last week, so here’s the update:

I was right. Did I not tell you his claims were unfounded??

In other news, my sister in law announced she is preggers, so husband now assumes that the pregnancy vibes he was getting came from her, 100 miles away. As long as the vibes stay there (for now), that’s cool with me. Anyway, I’m most certainly not planning anything, but I’m a twenty-something who is approaching her fifth year of marriage, (I married as a teenager — it’s okay, you can judge me) it’s only natural to take this indefinite pre-baby time to plan everything.

Because that’s what I do. I plan.

So, even though I have no business doing so, here is a picture of my future nursery theme:

I'm obsessed with bird nurseries. If the baby comes out a different gender than expected (as I did), there's no need to restyle.

And another…


This one, not so gender-neutral—but I do love the name Liam, and the tree decal is spectacular.

Thanks to Pinterest for ruining me for the next few years while I plan every detail of my future baby’s life. Or at least its nursery.


“So…When Are You Going to Pee on a Stick?”

“So…When Are You Going to Pee on a Stick?”

My husband made a prediction over two weeks ago that I was pregnant. Let me just say, we’re not trying to get pregnant (in fact, we’re taking precautionary measures to avoid parenthood for the time being), and I think his prediction is completely unfounded. He just “has a feeling.”

While I think he’ll most certainly be wrong, after weeks of getting questions from him (and now the friends I have told) about how the “little guy” is doing, I decided I had to prove him wrong as soon as possible.

So, I came home with an early pregnancy test. Out comes the husband’s nervous laughter—I suppose this makes his goofy prediction a little more “real.” As much as I don’t believe it’s true, (after all, he said this over two weeks ago and I’m just now approaching the time that I could even take the early pregnancy test—see, I told you…unfounded) I still have heard enough eerie stories about women whose husbands predicted pregnancies way before a test or any symptoms could show up. I also found out that while pregnancy at the beginning of a cycle is not the “norm,” it’s happened to quite a few women.

So it’s not impossible, per se, it’s just….it’s just unfounded! (What else can I say?)

I’ll probably take it the morning after next, since that’s well within the window the test claims to be accurate in. Then I can tell my husband to keep his mouth shut until I’m a little closer to test-taking time, because two weeks is too long to endure false statements about my child-bearing-ed-ness.

So, stay tuned, I guess…for the answer you know is coming (negative!).

Love, a comfortably non-pregnant twentysomething